Sunday, December 11, 2016

Beauty-ful in Vegas

Nevada - A State Full of Magic

Nevada is home to many cultures and nationalities, as well as to an endless number of natural and men-made sights. A state of contrasts.

Visiting Death Valley and Las Vegas have long been on my bucket list. And with the end of the year closing, my wanderlust is growing and growing. With the help of you can find some amazing tips for what to do and were to stay in LV.

With New Year's Eve right around the corner, you might also find some great tips here, how to make this NYE unforgettable.

And when you are in Vegas, especially if you are there for a special occasion, you need a nice  dress and lots of beauty products to transit your look to be suitable to the occasion.

So, from day to night, from simple to glamorous.

Here you can read a recent post about transiting your clothes from day to night, but for today I brought you some mood boards of how to transit your make-up from day to night.
As for the day, I recommend to take it really low key. A good CC creme (at least SFP 30), mascara and some blush are enough.

From Day ...

But when the sun goes down and the lights of Vegas go on, it's time for  GLITTER. Las Vegas is the perfect place to wear glitters. A good eye liner and some silver glitter eye shadow can be your best friends for the night. Finish your look with some face powder that will help you keep your face matt all night.

..To Night

Don't forget, there is something for everyone in Las Vegas so if you will be there this time of year check out some of the amazing Las Vegas deals.

..To Night by mspippistyle featuring a lip gloss

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