Tuesday, August 1, 2017

What To Wear When Nursing

A few weeks ago I wrote about my difficulties with breastfeeding. In that post I covered the physiolocigal difficulties we had to cope with but there is an other difficulty I did not really count with when I was pregnant.
It is the question of what to wear.
Well, I knew I needed special bras but I did not really make thoughts about what to wear over the bra. While I was pregnant I thought that the 2 breastfeeding tops I bought will be enough for me to make it easier. And while they really make breastfeeding easier I had to realize that if I want to go out of the house with my son, I needed special clothes if I don’t want to show off my whole chest when breastfeeding. Even though I am not the person who breastfeeds anywhere and anytime, there are situations when these special clothes are needed because we are not at home and my son is hungry.
On the other hand, it is also important that these clothes look good and it does not ’scream’ from them that they are nursing clothes.

 For today I collected you some nice options from the website of H&M:

What To Wear When Nursing

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What To Wear When Nursing by mspippistyle featuring a green top


  1. Beautiful clothes! Great post!

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