Monday, January 30, 2017

To Wear Or Not To Wear

Yes, it is about the morals of wearing fur.

As you can see on the above picture I did it. But before judging too quickly, please, read the story behind.

When the weather got cooler I started to think about what I was going to use as outerwear. First, I got a thin coat borrowed from one of my collegues but I knew that I wouldn't manage January and February in that coat.
 When I was searching for pregnancy winter coats I realized that I either did not like them, or found them too expensive. I mean, I will not be able to wear it next year when not pregnant. Do I really need to spend so much on something I will only wear for about 2 months? It just didn"t feel right.

And that was when I started thinking of my mother's fur coat.
 Well, to be honest I have been thinking of having it cleaned and cut since the death of my mom but my morals were always stronger.
Also I have read an article in defence of wearing fur  and I guess my situation is quite similar to that of the writer of the article. To cut a long story short, the writer of the article received a cozy fur coar gifted from her grandma more than 20 years ago and she feels no shame of wearing it even though she receives controversial and even rude comments on doing so.

So this time it was different. I considered it seriously to have it cleaned and cut (the length was uncomfortable for me), so I put the coat in my car and drove  to the furier.
 And of course, the shop  was closed. And it went on for days like that. I almost started to feel like
 it was divine intervention or a sign that I should not wear fur.

On the other hand, having the coat cleaned and cut also cost money, almost as much as the pregnancy coats I was considering but I still felt that it would be a better investment to have the fur done as I could wear the fur next winter as well, while pregnancy coats are definitely only for the time of your pregnancy.
 So I kept going back to the furier's as long as I found the shop open.
 In a week I could pick up my coat and I was more than happy with the result. The length is perfect and the fur looks as if it was new. Even though it is more than 25 years old and my mom also received it gifted from her sister-in-law.

Now we have had - 10/-20 degrees Celsius for the last few weeks which is quite unusual in this region so I am really glad I did not give up and managed it to the furier's. :)

What is your opinion?
 Would you wear fur or do you cinsider it as senseless animal killing?

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  1. Great post!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  2. Fur is not just about the death of an animal, it is about how brutal, cruel and torturous that killing is. Whether the fur comes from China (where there are no animal welfare laws and where the majority of imports come from - over 80 percent of what we see in the US) or the animal was killed at home (in the US), all the methods of killing are cruel and deemed by veterinarians as "inhumane" and the animal as experiencing "indescribable suffering". Wearing fur is an aggressive and unapologetic statement regardless of the intention or how it came into your possession. Would you keep a lamp on your bedside table made of human skin, left over from the Holocaust? Or would it be a constant reminder of an immoral act you could not condone? Thats how I view my grandmothers furs. Wearing it perpetuates and supports a trend. It says that its OK to have exploited a weaker being and subjected it to such a violent death and for just a fashion statement. And that's not OK in my opinion. Thanks for at least being open to another's opinion on here.

    1. Dear Reader, Thanks for your comment and sharing your opinion. I really appreciate it. Pippi