Friday, October 28, 2016

How to de-stress?

1., Do yoga: 
Doing yoga lowers your blood pressure and does not let you think of anything else but performing that given position. This way you forget about your problems and your stress level goes lower.

2., Take a long bubble bath: 
It might sound a cliché but believe me, it works. Use some aromatherapic oils like levandel oil to increase the effect.

3., Spend time with animals: 
They will make you laugh and you can be affectionate with them.

4., Go for a long walk in nature: 
Doing any kind of sports helps you reducing your stress level. If you are out walking, you will not only work out but also see flowers, animals and can breathe fresh air and all these things together add up to be less stressed out.

5., Meet your loved ones:
If you can discuss the reson of your stress with someone you love, you will immediately feel better. Pouring your heart out will always help.

These tips won't solve your problems but you get a fresh view and lower stress level which might help you think of new solution possibilities.



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