Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Mood Board for The Baby Room

I have been thinking a lot about what the baby's room should look like. I loved many many ideas, so it was quite difficult to choose one.

As I used the room as a dressing up room and did not want to buy new wardrobes, the main colour of the furniture was not to be thaught about. It was already set: sonoma oak.

 I just had to decide about the additional colours. As the baby is a boy, it would have been quite logical to choose blue but somehow I did not like the idea. There are so many 'witches' around me who said: 'The doctor said it's a boy. No, way. I am sure it's a girl.' A
nd even though I know that sonographs can tell the gender almost 100% for sure, I still felt afraid to choose  a colour that says BOY. For this reason I chose light grey and white as the complementory colours. 

Here you can see the mood board I put together as an inspiration:

Baby Shower

There are still a few touches to be done in the room but I will show you pictures of it as soon as finished for good.

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