Monday, March 6, 2017

Stretch Mark Combat On!

I think almost every woman is afraid of stretch marks. 

I am as well. Exactly that is the reason why I use several products simultaneously. :)

I know that it might seem stupid because this way I will not be able to say which product was the one that helped but I hope that their effects add up together and will work wonder. :)

First I started to use Schussler, in the early stage of my pregnancy I thought that no oils were essential (yet).

Later I received a bottle of Bi-Oil from my sister who thinks that it is a wonderful product for almost all your skin problems.

Then, as I mentioned my husband several times that I am afraid of stretch marks, I received two different products from him: Mama streifenlos body oil by Bellybutton with grape seed oil and Mama massage oil by Penaten with soy oil and lecithin.

Later on, my sister read an article about a product that promised no stretch marks and contained royal jelly. As our father is a bee-keeper, we believe in everything  with honey, royal jelly or propolis. :) So she bought me Mamma Bee's belly cream.

Until now I have no stretch marks which is promising but my pregnancy is not over. I hope that I will be lucky enough to write down the same sentence after giving birth. :)

How about you mothers and mothers-to-be?

What is your secret wonder method against stretch marks?

Thanks for reading.



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