Monday, May 29, 2017

Giving Birth

First of all, sorry for not writing this post earlier. The main reason why I was hesiant to publish my birth story was that giving birth was not an elevating experience for me.
Many women say that this expeience was one of the most beautiful ones in their lives but, unfortunatly, I cannot relate.

As my pregnancy was quite easy with no morning sickness or other problems, I hoped that giving birth would also be "easy" for me. Of course , I knew that I will feel pain but did not know what to expect.

Firt of all, I gave birth 10 days after my due date. In the first 7 days after my due date I wasn't really worried or afraid. I did my househld chores, worked in the garden, etc. But after 7 days my doctor decided that I had to go to hospital to do some tests and I had to stay "for safety's sake". 

Well, I hated it. There were several ladies who I knew from my preggo yoga class whose due dates were 2-3 weeks later but came in and gave birth in a few hours. I felt envious (and thought I was a really bad person).

But after 2 days in hospital, I started to feel labour pain. I knew they were labour pain but as they did not come as regularly as in the "Big Book Of Childbirth", the doctors said that they were only predictive cramps. It went on for 22 hours like that but after 22  hours (no sleep) I went to one of the maternity nurses on due  and told her that I was sure that I would give birth soon and would not return to my room without a baby. Quite harsh, I know. :)

All in all, those 32 hours were really difficult and sometimes I felt like a failure that I cannot even present regular camps but when I saw my son for the first time I experienced such peace, grace and joy I had never experienced before.

I hope that my story will not scare you, ladies before your due dates. I hope it will help you to know that in the end everything will be ok and you will be as happy as never before.

Thanks for reading.



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