Monday, March 21, 2016

Random Spring Facts

1., I love the scent of spring air.

2., I am way too late with spring garden works every year. Everyone in the street will have already done them when I first realize it's time to do them.

3., I love wearing trench coats in spring. I have been wearing them since I was 12.

4., I think that the colours of 2016, Rose Quartz and Serenity, are the perfect spring colours. Not only this year but always and forever.

5., Spring always makes me want to do the cleaning. I hate doing it in every other season but spring always gives me a new breeze.

6., My fav spring flowers are tulips.

7., When spring arrives I always start worrying about my bikini body. :)

8., I love Easter and all our habits and rituals around it.

9., Having fresh flowers in the house  from my own garden is the best.

How about you? Do you like spring? Is there anything you love doing in spring?

Thanks or your comments!