Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Let's Party With Paperless

Hands up for those who do like invitation cards? 

If you are anything like me, you would still have all the invitation cards to birthday parties and weddings you have ever visited. :)

But nowadays it happens less and less often that we send/receive invitation cards. :(
It might be because we live in a digital world or it might be because we are all in stress and hustle all the time. Another reason for quick online invitations might be environmental consciousness.

But we should pay more attention to bithdays, dinner parties, etc., where we can meet our loved ones. Sending out beautiful invitation cards - in my opinion - is a sign of love and respect to the event and to the ones invited.
Isn't it a better feeling to receive a nice, personalized card than receiving a simple reminder on social media? Of course, hand-written invitation cards are the most personal ones. But what if your handwriting is not so nice to look at? And moreover, who has the time for writing them one by one?

Recently I have found the solution to this problem. I am thrilled to introduce you to the services of PAPERLESS POST.  The company was launched  to prove that communication could be personal and well-designed. They offer both paper and 'paperless' services depending on your preference.
And while digital invitations are relatively new, more and more people in the US and around the world have started to use them for  baby showers, birthdays, holidays, and even weddings. Paperless' site is really easy to use and offers beautiful designs for the clueless (you can browse designers hereand an opportunity to upload personal designs for the more creative ones.

For today I brought you three samples of invitation cards I have sent out recently with the help of  Paperless:

And now I can't wait to desing the invitation card to my son's 6-month-'birthday' party. :)

How about you? Do you use paper invitations or do you prefer to use any apps or online invitations when organizing a party?

Thanks for reading.



This post was sponsored by Paperless Post but - as always - all opinions are mine.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Wedding Style

At the beginning of the wedding season we can often read blog posts and magazine articles about what to wear to different types of weddings. I find them  really helpful and mostly like the ideas and dresses recommended but often feel that in this respect men's fashion is a bit neglected. You may say it is because they have to wear dark suits and that's it. But what if they are invited to several weddings in the same season?
 If it is a No-No for women to wear the same dress, is it also a No-No for men to wear the same suit or tuxedo?  Or what if the two weddings are soon after each other and the cleaner is on holiday? Shall the man on our side buy another suit even if he does not often wear suits? Well, these questions are not easy to answer and the answers definitely depend on his wallet, too. 

But how about a nice alternative?  With tuxedo and suit rental by The Black Tux your partner can rent suits and tuxedos intead of buying them. He saves money and space in his wardrobe while he attends the wedding in a super stylish suit. It is definitely a win-win situation.

And the best part is the they offer a free 48-hour home-try-on possibility.

Another plus point is that rental is more environmentally-friendly than buying. :)

Do you find it interesting?  Here is a little style guide for you from The Black Tux: 



This post was not sponsored. All opinions are mine.