Friday, June 24, 2016

Dove Derma Spa

The last time I used self-tanner was at least 10 years ago and it wasn't a great experience. So when I was bombarded with Dove Derma Spa summer revived's ads, I did not really feel tempted to buy it. 
On top of that, summer came really slow these year. We had a few wonderfully sunny days back in April but then it went back to 12-14 grades  for weeks and weeks. So when the weather forecast promised 28 degrees all of a sudden and I started looking for my shorts, I immediately realized that my legs were hlariously white. So the same night I grabbed this creme at the store.
And I never regretted doing so ever since. 

My worst fear was that it would not give the same tone to all my body. I feared that the teint would be dark at one pot and really light at other spots.  The first morning after using it I was scared to look in the mirror. But when I finally did it, I  was really happy. The teint looked natural and it wasn't to dark. 
My second fear was that it would start fading away in visible spots. But I was proved wrong again. All in all, I am really glad I put this product in my basket.

How about you? Do you ever use self-tanner? What is your fav product?




  1. Hey Pippi!

    I love this creme so much! When I first tried it I was also scared but now I love this so much. Sometimes I use this together with self tanner. It works so perfect together!

    I like your blog so much! Especially I love the design and the style of your pictures. Ive seen that you dont have that many followers yet, I actually cant understand that! What do you think about following each other to support and help each other? I would be so glad.

    Have a nice day!

    Regards, Lisa :)


    1. Hi Lisa, Thanks for your sweet comment. I am really glad you found my blog and like it. I have just checked yours and a would love to team up with you. XX, Pippi