Friday, July 22, 2016


Would you like to preserve the flavours of summer for  autumn?

Here is a quick and easy recipe for you.

All you need for a 0, 9 l jar are:

 big tomatoes 
1 medium big zucchini
1 spoonful of coconut oil
salt (the amount depends on your taste)
white pepper (the amount depends on your taste)
garlic (the amount depends on your taste)
10 leaves of basilicum  (the amount depends on your taste) 
levandel (the amount depends on your taste)

Boil some water. Take it from the oven and put the tomatoes into the water for 2 minutes. After doing so, you can easily peel them. Wash the zucchini and sclice it.  Put the coconut oil into a pan, heat it, add the zucchini. After about 4 minutes add the peeled tomatoes. Add one dl water and cook it for 10 minutes. 
Pour it in a clean jar, put a cap on it and let it cool. Now you can bring it to the pantry.. 

You will love it when having no idea what to cook on a gloomy autumn day. Just  cook some pasta, add the tozucchi and voila!

Hope you will like it.




  1. looks so good! thanks for sharing!!

    Tessa |

  2. Omg, this sounds so good! I want pasta now! :)

    xo Raina