Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Tested ...Nivea & Jimjams

For today, I brought you two beauty products, tested lately: 

Jimjams' Black Soap and Nivea's BB cream

Jimjams Black Soap  is a Facial Cleanser with ichtyol and levander oil. To tell you the truth, I started using it after a visit by my beautician, so the poduct had a big advantage. 

However, I do not think that this is the only reason why I love it. 

This product cleanses deep and is able to remove all your make-up. 

I use it in the evening and in my case it is enough. Maybe for those with oilier skin morning-evening use is essential.  

I always liked body care products by Nivea that is why I always give their facial products a try.

However, I am usually not amazed by the end result.

The first time I applied it, I was surprised how difficult it was to put it on and to dispel.

I did not use a primer, setting powder or setting spray so the second disappontment was that it started to fade away very quickly. It lasted only a few hours and started to fade away. 

As of regards to coverage, I would say it is light, it evens the skin tone but does not conceal problems zones very much. However, it gives a natural and "no makeup" look.

All in all, if you need a BB creme that does not need to last long or give good coverage, it might be something for you. Otherwise, look for another product.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my post.

It is highly appreciated.



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