Monday, June 5, 2017

5 Tips: What To Bring To The Hospital When Giving Birth

I would like to give you some tips about what to bring to the labour room. I hope you will find my tips helpful.

1., Water: Choose a bottle which is easy to open and does not have a big mouth. Believe me, even if it sounds ridiculous now, you will not have the energy to focus on drinking from a bottle with an "uncomfortable" bottle mouth. :)

2., Socks: It can be so cold in labour rooms. :(

3., Mineral water spray: I used one by Uriage but any label will do, I guess. Yes, sometimes you will feel cold, in other moments you will experience a heat wave. Use it for your face and arms, it will help a lot.

4.,  Dextrose: Giving birth is not easy, you will need some extra boost of energy.

5., Geranium muscatel oil: Put some drops on a hanky. It will help you to relax.

How about you? What did/would you bring?

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