Friday, January 15, 2016

10 Random Winter Facts

1., I love beanies and gloves. I already start wearing them when it's under 12 Celsius.

2., I love snow and really look forward to it the whole year long but when it arrives I start hating it after a few days.

3., I have never tried skiing but I'd love to.

4., I hate "winter greyness". 

5., I love ice skating.

6., I have several pairs off UGG-type boots. And yeas, I want some more...

7., I have several pairs of high-heeled winter boots and booties but I rarely wear them. I just can't walk safe in them when the roads are icy.

8., I take lots of vitamin D in the winter. It definitely helps.

9., I love drinking hot chocolate when it's cold outside.

10., There were many winters I hardly ever wore trousers. I almost only wore skirts and tights. That's why my husband started calling me "Miss Pippi Longstockings". And as you can guess, that's where my blog's name comes from. :)

How about you? Do you like winter?
What is your survival guide for the coldest season?

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