Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Here are some of my fave rings by Pierre Lang.

Which one would You choose?

Simple lines and an elegant design rolled into one. This ring of casual, graphic designs can be worn for all occasions and will match the colour of the wearer's clothing thanks to the gemstone cut used.With this ring, you will feel like being on cloud nine every day.The ring has a satinised surface and have a knitted look; you will definitely be won over by the timeless design.The ring represent graphically stylised leaves, with a hint of the Orient. The leaf detail is applied to the stone and the metal surface in a contrasting coloured antique lacquer. Rhodium-plated black or gold-plated green – two very different colour options to appeal to every taste.  This beautiful ring combines the elegance of shape with the precious, sparkling stones typical of 1930s Art Deco. Your style is sure to shine out at any event with this addition to our Essence jewellery. A linear piece, hand-set with 82 crystals in two subtle shades.In this ring dynamic curves flirt with timeless, classical elegance! The gold-plated swirls are topped by an iridescent, 20 mm-wide, creamy Pierre Lang pearl.The colours of the crystals in this mussel-shaped ring glow in splendour, from Alabaster through to Black Diamond. The ring is hand-set with 31 crystals, which sparkle impressively to emphasise the modern outline. Gold-plated band, with broad shanks and mosaic-like surface. A kaleidoscope of graphic shapes combine to form a unique whole, with the addition of highlights in the form of crystal zircons.These rings were once seen as being rebellious, making a strong statement and not just in the visual sense: during the 1920s, this kind of ring with a large precious or semi-precious stone was worn by women attending parties where illegal alcohol was consumed. Nowadays they are a must-have for any self-confident woman! The knot-shaped, gold-plated ring is hand set with 56 clear crystals. An eternally glamorous choice.

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