Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Dream Home Office

Have you ever wondered to what extent the place you work in and the items around you influence your work efficience? 
Is it the place that inspires you or is it the people you work with?  If the answer is yes to both of these questions  WeWork might be the answer for you.

Well, as for me,  my current home office is not  ideal. 
 A bit dark, a bit outdated and small. But as we are moving to our new flat soon, I have been thinking a lot about what my new home office should look like.

My dream is having something like one of these:

Images: via Pinterest

What I want is a clear, bright place with some pop of colour.  

As I often work in the evening I need a desk lamp that provides my desk with enough light.

 It wouldn't be bad to have a window with nice view, either.

Having a desk with enough room and storage capacity as well as a comfy seat are also quintessential. As I don't like throwing things away, I need lots of storage space. :)

Books, albums and quotations can help you get to the point and remind you every day, why you do what you do.

Earlier I wasn't the type of girl with to-do lists but nowadays I write one every day. A notice board can help you having your to-do list in front of you so you don't loose focus.   

And my final but absolute must-have are flowers.

When the idea of  sharing my thoughts about my (ideal) home office came up and found WeWork's website, it was just the perfect timing and while browsing their website  I realized  that even if you are a one-person business, you have the opportunity to go to an office and meet like-minded people in an inspiring environment. Isn't it a wonderful idea?  

If you are a freelancer, an enterpreneur or own your own small business, the co-working spaces of  WeWork are designed for you. You can find them in major cities in the USA, Europe and Israel.

How about you? Do you have a home office? Is it the office of your dreams or is it something that needs redecoration ASAP?

I would love to read about your thoughts.




  1. What a nice work place! Love the colors and how organize it is.

  2. Pinterest is the perfect place for home decor inspo!

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