Friday, January 27, 2017


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Every year when January comes you can read numerous magazine articles and blog posts about how to stick to your New Year's Resolutions. I think the best and most effective advice I have ever read was that you should dividide your goals into smaller steps and decide what step to finish by when.

As I am in the last trimester of my pregnancy I did not want to make "big", longterm resolutions but rather ones that I can finish by my due date or ones that are relatively easy to keep even for a firts-time-mom with a baby.

The other very imprtant and effective method is writing your goals down. This way you cannot deny or disown them later on. The best is when you write it somewhere you can see them often.So that they 'haunt' you. :)

So here is my list:

Improve my Dutch: I studied Dutch at the university but I have no opportunity to use the language and forgot almost everything. Now for the last few weeks, I have been studying from my old books and next week I am going to a language learning workshop about a quite promising  method.

Read books: There are 3 books on my bedside table  that I have already started with I just need to find the time to finish them.

Stick to my financial plan: One of my NYRs a few years ago was that I would be more conscious about my financies. I think this was one of my most important and well-kept resolutions ever. And with a baby on board I think it is even more imprtant to plan carefully.

Produce less waste: Last week I cleaned my pantry and found many products with expiration dates a long time ago. I felt so embarrassed. There are so many people in need and I just buy things and let them go to waste. I really need to be more conscious about that. 

Smile more: This is a thing I set as a goal every year but it is not because I am not improving but because I think that it is important to remind yourself of it from time to time.

Be more patient: The same here as with smiling. :)

How about you? Did you make New Year's resolutions or set goals for 2017? 
I would love to hear about them. :) 

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  1. I share some of yours :) following u

  2. These are great resolutions! Warm wishes for the remainder of your pregnancy.:)