Monday, October 30, 2017

Home Decor And Technology

Smart technology has been around for years. It started with phones, TVs, and went on with almost all sorts of home technology. Now you can reach your house and any devices in your house with the help of your phone anywhere, anytime  to perform a variety of automated tasks. And while the main goal is to make your life simpler, they are not only meant to make that. 
Nowadays they are also meant to make your home more beautiful and to cheer you up. 
With Aura Frames  it is all possible with photos of your family, friends, pets, etc..

Aura uses Smart Selection, updating your frame with new photos as soon as you take them – your best pictures will just appear on your frame immediately. 

Aura will avoid photos that are low contrast, blurry, duplicate, etc., and only displaying your
 best photos. With Christmas around the corner it is a good idea to give Aura to your parents or grandparents and you’ll become their favorite child without lifting
 a finger. You can even pre-select photos to appear on the frame right after they receive it. Aura automatically creates photo collections of the people who you take pictures of most often. Eliminating the need to go through and manage your photo library. If you pay attention to eco-friendliness, it might be a big plus for you that Aura uses a minimal amount of energy, and the display will automatically go to sleep when the room gets dark.  

Below you can find  graphics of other products where technology meets design to make your house not only smart but also beautiful.

How about you? Which smart home tech products do you use? Which ones are you planning in investing in in the future?

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